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Hello there my friends! Welcome to Smithbrothers' (not to be confused with the cough medicine) fire photography. Photos posted in these galleries were taken by Ryan and Evan Smith. My brother and I have both been taking fire department related photography since we were essentially old enough to start walking! Ok, that might be a stretch, but we have managed to capture many pieces of fire apparatus as well as many fire scenes from throughout the United States including Detroit, Memphis, Chicago, and Southeast Wisconsin to name a few. Our goal by forming this site is to provide both firefighters and fire service enthusiasts an opportunity to see photos that they may otherwise never have the opportunity to. If you are looking for anything in particular and you don't see it, feel free to contact us as there is no way we could ever post our entire collection here. Lastly and most importantly, we would like to thank all the firefighters and emergency personnel across the country not only for serving, but also for giving us the opportunity to photograph your apparatus and emergency scenes.

Ryan and Evan Smith

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It should be noted that this website (smithbrothersfirephotos) does not in any way officially represent any of the fire departments or municipalities featured. I guess it is probably necessary to say this is a hobby with the intent to document and share fire service history through photos.

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